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Tokyo Lamington


20190616 Tokyo Lamington Logo.png

Tokyo Lamington is a new brainchild of Eddie from Black Star Pastry (known for it’s strawberry watermelon cake) and Min from N2 Extreme Gelato (known for it’s fun and quirky flavours). This exciting concept draws inspiration from their time in Tokyo and merge it with an Australian Classic; Lamington.

Lamington is a traditional Australian dessert, usually a butter cake dipped in chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut. When we introduced it to our cafe in Tokyo we notice Lamington is such a perfect vehicle for flavours, hence we started making flavours like black sesame and matcha. We thought to ourselves ‘why not take it further?’ And today flavours you see today, bubble tea, durian, and even cough syrup!

Tokyo Lamington is best served chilled, with tea and more importantly, good company.