According to Australia's Chief Scientist's report into STEM and Australia's Future in 2014, participation in science subjects is at the lowest level in 20 years. While there are many things that can be done on a larger scale to address this, the simplest option is to take your students out of a classroom environment and let them experience science first hand. 

At our stores, we freeze our gelato on the spot with liquid nitrogen. While this method of producing gelato is visually very interesting, it is also scientifically proven to produce incredibly high quality gelato. In this way, we can offer your students a fun, educational and above all delicious experience of how science can affect the world around them.

If you book in an excursion with us, we'll provide a 10-20 minute talk on the liquid nitrogen gelato and how an understanding of Food Science allows us to make better gelato. It covers the chemistry and physics of flavour and taste as well as covering topics other topics such as the crystallisation of ice. 

The booking itself is free, but is required for us to be able to plan for the numbers of students and for the presentation. We will also provide the teacher with free gelato to sweeten the deal!

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