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We are constantly reinventing the traditional gelato, bringing in flavours that are creatively decadent and yet leave a traditional feel on the tongue. We are indulgent and we make no apologies for it.

We source from local dairies, we use real fruits, fresh herbs, obscure ingredients we stumble across in our made to order gelato and sorbet. We give our customers an experience that transcends a simple scoop of gelato and gives them a magical visual journey as they watch their very own gelato cup made to order.

From thick fudge to gloriously glazed doughnuts, to setting our gelatos alight and dunking them into rich molten chocolate, we elevate our gelatos so they stand out from the crowd.

Why Liquid Nitrogen? Here’s the science behind it. Gelato is a crossbreed of art and science creating a microstructure of ice crystals, air bubbles, fat droplets and a viscous solution of sugars, polysaccharides and milk proteins. (Clarke, C 2012, The Science of Ice Cream 2nd Edition) The use of liquid nitrogen at N2 Extreme Gelato plays on the strength of a phenomenon called nucleation-dominated ice crystallisation, it forms a large number of microscopic ice crystals in seconds, resulting in an exceptionally smooth texture in our gelatos. Therefore we are able to make gelato to order and serve it at a warmer temperature of -6C so your palate can perceive the flavours better.

Is Liquid nitrogen safe? Yes. Nitrogen is non-toxic, non-flammable and it constitutes 78.09% of the earth’s atmosphere (we have Wikipedia and MSDS to back this up). Liquid nitrogen boils off when it comes in contact with anything warmer than itself (the boiling point of liquid nitrogen is -196°C), it will be completely evaporated by the time it hits your cup. Your safety is our priority and we have rigorous safety procedures and training in place to keep everyone safe.

By bending the rules of gelato and molecular gastronomy, we are able to present you with crazy and delectable gelato creations with an intense creamy smoothness that send your tastebuds into overdrive as you perceive the flavour in its entirety. So get ready to tap into our frozen crème brulees, crack into that honeycomb chocolate top and inject those ribbons of silky caramel straight into your mouth.