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Our Partners in Crime

Our Partners in Crime

It's been an honour to work with some of the brightest, quirkiest and most creative in the industry!




N2 x #theramenclub (2017)

WHO: N2 x Toko x Song for the Mute x Nothing
WHAT: Izakaya-styled menu, featuring limited edition merch from Song for the Mute x Nothing, limited edition ramen from Toko, and limited edition gelato by yours truly.
WHERE: 490 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.
WHY: The Japan craze hasn't stopped on our side.
WHEN: Every Saturday 11am-4pm, throughout November.

GELATO: Orange blossom jelly cubes nestled upon a base layer of Yuzu curd that's sprinkled over with toasted almonds. Topped with classic Vanilla gelato... need we say more?

DETAILS: Broadsheet, Urban List, Concrete Playground

N2 x Black Star Pastry (2017)

WHO: N2 x Black Star Pastry
WHAT: Another year, another Night Noodle Market. 
WHERE: Night Noodle Markets (Sydney & Melbourne) 
               Sydney: Hyde Park, Sydney, 2000.
               Melb: Birrarung Marr, Batman Avenue, Melbourne 3000.
WHY: It's a staple for us every year.
WHEN: Sydney: 5 October - 22 October
             Melb: 9 November - 26 November

GELATO: A Strawberry Watermelon Soft serve, i.e love child #2 between Black Star's famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake and our delectable icy goods. 

DETAILS: What's On


Photo by Black Star Pastry.

Photo by Black Star Pastry.


N2 x Black Star Pastry (2017)

WHO: N2 x Black Star Pastry
WHAT: Light, music, and well... new food ideas ;-)
WHERE: Vivid 2017, Sydney.
WHY: After a lightning bulb moment to combine light + food by our partner in crime's boss man, this happened. Absolutely glowin'
WHEN: 25 May - 16 June

GELATO: Not a gelato... but glow in the dark white chocolate. Still pretty funky, eh?

DETAILS: Vivid Sydney

N2 x Baked by Andres x Black Star Pastry (2017)

WHO: If this isn't the dream team, we don't know what is - N2 x Baked By Andres x Black Star Pastry
WHAT: Rooster Cake Smash, featuring awfully cute macarons.
WHERE: Lunar Markets Sydney
WHY: Just an excuse to make cute and taste things really.
WHEN: 27 January - 5 February

GELATO: 'Gong Xi Fa Chocolate’, a festive milk chocolate gelato filled with mint choc chip cookie dough, oreos and topped with our trademark chocolate ganache syringe.

DETAILS: Lunar Markets



N2 x MakMak x Luke Mangan (2016)

WHO: N2 x MakMak x Luke Mangan - aka leading Australian culinary chef , macaron gods, and well.... us, self-proclaimed gelato connoisseurs.
WHAT: Cheese gelato plate (goes to prove gelato works with anything)
WHERE: Mojo @ Luke Mangan
WHY: A little bit of trial and error never hurt no one.
WHEN: 1 May

GELATO: 'Ferrero Reveal', a luscious chocolate and hazelnut gelato with toasted hazelnuts, sprinkled with rice bubbles and dipped in a choc top with a chocolate ganache syringe inserted.

N2 x Hahn (2015)

WHO: Not your typical collaboration: N2 x Hahn
WHAT: Celebrating their new beer blend "Hanh Radler" inspired by lemons.
WHERE: Pablo & Rusty
               161 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
WHY: In the name of experimentation. Or maybe our team just likes beer.
WHEN: 30 October

GELATO: Hahn Radler sorbet gelato.

DETAILS: What's On

Good Blends_837x640_5.png

Photo by Jugernauts.

Photo by Jugernauts.

[N2 x Katherine Sabbath] & [N2 x Anna Polyviou] (2015)

WHO: Cake goddess Katherine Sabbath and award-winning pastry chef Anna Polyviou - has the dessert gods blessed us? - N2 x Katherine Sabbath x Anna Polyviou
WHAT: Shangri-La celebrations for Vivid 2015, marketplace-style.
WHERE: The Markets at the Courtyard @ Shangri-La Hotel
               176 Cumberland St The Rocks, NSW 2000
WHY: About time someone created a sugar heaven... (children free) - we said yes. 
WHEN: 28 May - 29 May

GELATO: Banana Bread with Raspberry Cream (Katherine Sabbath) + Donut Raspberry Gel Meringue gelato (Anna Polyviou)

DETAILS: Broadsheet

[N2 x Anna Polyviou] VS [N2 x Blackstar Pastry]  (2015)

WHO: Anna Polyviou or Blackstar Pastry? Tough question! So in the face of indecisiveness we chose both - N2 x Anna Polyviou x Blackstar Pastry
WHAT: A bunch of pastry and dessert lovers injecting sugar-fuelled goodness to the masses.
WHERE: Sweet Street @ Shangri-La Hotel
               176 Cumberland St The Rocks, NSW 2000
WHY: Well who can deny such an honourable invitation to sugar heaven?
WHEN: July 8

GELATO: Strawberry Cake Smash (Black Star) vs Carrot Cake Smash (Anna Polyviou)

DETAILS: Concrete Playground


N2 x LuxBite Circa (2015)

WHO: N2 x LuxBite
WHAT:  The Festival is Australia’s pre-eminent celebration of food and wine, attracting visitors in their hundreds of thousands to Victoria in March.
WHERE: Melbourne Food Wine Festival's Sweet Alley.
WHY: Ooey-gooey profiterole gelato goodness.
WHEN: 27 February - 15 March

GELATO: Ferrero Gelato Profiterole - Nutella gelato filler profiterole, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, crushed hazelnut and caramel syringe

DETAILS: Melbourne Food Wine Festival


Photo by ImStillHungry

Photo by ImStillHungry

N2 x  Blackstar Pastry  (2015)

WHO: N2 x Black Star Pastry - first of many collaborations!
WHAT: Another annual food event that we love partaking in- Hyde Park becomes home to an Asian hawker market of 40 food stalls and alfresco dining and socialising. 
WHERE: Night Noodle Markets
               Sydney: Hyde Park, Sydney, 2000.
               Melb: Birrarung Marr, Batman Avenue, Melbourne 3000.
WHY: Even dessert masters get tired and survive on caffeine. Here's to our inspiration!
WHEN: 8 October - 25 October

GELATO: Strawberry Watermelon Tea-ffogato

DETAILS: Broadsheet

N2 x LuxBite  (2015)

WHO: N2 x T by LuxBite
WHAT: Tart focused bakery - 10 kinds everyday to be precise. That's right up our alley.
WHERE: T by Lux Bite
               28 Katherine Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000
WHY: Specialty tarts and gelato - we all know the food industry loves combining 1 and 1.... here's our 2. 
WHEN: March

GELATO: Brulee Gelato Tart & Mango Gelato Tart (see image for descriptions).