N2 Extreme Gelato
Gelato made fresh to order with Liquid Nitrogen

Our Journey

Our Journey

N2 Store - Sydney.jpg

3rd August 2012

Driven by our passion for gelato, we open our first shop in Haymarket, Sydney.

3rd August 2013

Feeling unstoppable and fuelled by madness, we open our second shop in Fitzroy Victoria.

N2 Store - Fitzroy.jpg

N2 Store - Newtown.jpg

3rd December 2014

We open up our third store in Newtown, NSW. The theme of the shop was construction, and here is how we did it.

3rd December 2014

We open our fourth store around the same time in Melbourne, Victoria

N2 Store - Melbourne.jpg

N2 Markets.jpg

Year 2015

The start of our touring around Australia with events and pop ups like Night Noodle Markets.

June 2016

As if running around 2 states is not crazy enough, let’s open a shop 17,000km away

N2 Store - Paris.JPG


Year 2017

Time to hunker down and streamline our operations

25th September 2018

After years of relationship building and pitching, we opened a new concept called N2 Brunch Club in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.